Thank you for your interest in becoming a vendor at the St. Albert Farmers’ Market. We are always looking for new vendors selling unique products that are 100% locally home baked, home grown, or handmade. No wholesale, resale, or commercial retail business is permitted. Please choose the appropriate application form and mail or drop it off at our office at:

St. Albert and District Chamber of Commerce
71 St. Albert Trail
St. Albert, AB
T8N 6L5

You can also fax your application to 780-458-6515 or email a scanned copy to

The Applications for the 2016 St. Albert Farmers' Market are now available!

Seasonal Vendor:

Seasonal vendors apply for all 18 Saturdays of the market season. By committing to all of these dates, they are (for the most part) guaranteed the same stall. These vendors also pay a discounted fee of $1071.00 giving them one included weekend.

The deadline to become a seasonal vendor for the 2016 season has passed.

Weekly Vendor:

A weekly vendor can pick and choose which weekends they want to be a part of in the market. On the form (available below) they check off whichever dates they are interested in, and are placed based on product type and availability. For any dates we are unable to accomodate a vendor, they are placed on a waiting list and called upon when we receive cancellations. Weekly vendors are not guaranteed to receive the same placement each weekend and not guaranteed to be accepted for all of their requested dates. Weekly vendors pay $63.00 per weekend they participate in.

Click below for the Farmers' Market Weekly Application

2016 Weekly Application

Specialty Vendor:

A specialty vendor is classified as a vendor that sell food that cannot be produced in Alberta. Common examples of specialty vendors are BC fruit vendors, fish vendors, and maple syrup vendors.

Click below for the Farmers' Market Specialty Vendor Application

2016 Specialty Vendor Application

Fee Busker:

Fee buskers charge a pre-set fee for the entertainment or artwork they provide at the market. An example of a fee busker is a face painter that charges per face they paint, or a musician that sells CDs and merchandise as they perform. Fee buskers are required to pay $36.75 for each weekend they participate in.

Click below for the Farmers' Market Busker: Fee Application

2016 Busker: Fee Application

No Fee Busker:

No fee buskers do not charge any fee for the entertainment or artwork they provide. They accept monetary donations rather than payment. The most common type of no fee busker in the market is a musician that leaves a container out for market visitors to tip them as they play. We have capacity for 8 performers each Saturday. No fee buskers are not required to pay anything to be in the market. Nonetheless, they are not permitted to drop in to the market unannounced. They must submit an application form and have received an acceptance form in order to perform.

Click below for the Farmers' Market Busker: No Fee Application

2016 Busker: No Fee Application

Non-Profit Vendor:

Non-profit vendors are organizations that want to take advantage of the crowds present at our market and spread awareness about their cause. Although they are not allowed to sell anything, sometimes we allow sales if all the proceeds go towards the organization’s charitable cause. Each applicant can only be in the market twice in a season, and in general we only designate two spots for non-profits each weekend. These vendors do not have to pay to take part.

Click below for the Farmers' Market Not-For-Profit Application

2016 Not-For-Profit Application

For any questions regarding the application process, please contact us.